Conservative dental care

IVOCLAR VIVADENT® – Direct restorations

For replacement of a damaged tooth structure we place materials of the manufacturer called Ivoclarvivadent® from Liechtenstein. The hybrid and nano-composite dental materials Tetric Ceram HB, Tetric EvoCeram, IPS Empress Direct Tetric, etc. are the most estimated materials for direct restorations in professional circles. Adhesives called Syntac®, AdheSE® and ExciTE® provide excellent adhesion of composites to enamel and dentin, which ensures a long-lasting composite restoration. The mechanical and aesthetic properties of composites enable excellent integration into the tooth structure and the possibility of creating a secondary morphology. Patients have been confirming us the correctness of the decision on selecting the best composites for more than two decades.

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For the replacement of the damaged tooth structure in the core of the tooth due to their good mechanical, physical and chemical properties, we use the so-called vitreous cements - Fuji IX GP. They were developed as an inexpensive material for restoring teeth but was soon found to be an unprecedented material due to its unique properties and was named after Mount Fuji in Japan.

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